This page contains links to documents and policies that guide the Foundation's activity.

Articles of Incorporation  
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Current By-law 01 (revised, AGM 2016)

Gift Acceptance and Investment Policy  Word    PDF

Privacy Policy  Word   PDF

Complaints Policy  Word    PDF

Conflict of Interest Policy  Word   PDF

Agreement to Serve   Word   PDF

Board Member Job Description  Word   PDF

Cataraqui Region Conservation Foundation: Charitable Registration Number: 11884 0545  RR 0001

The Standards Program Trustmark
is a mark of Imagine Canada
used under licence by the
Cataraqui Conservation Foundation.
Acceditation Trustmark

Education for Children, Conservation for All

Annual General Meeting Documents

Agenda  (Word)   (PDF)

2012 AGM Minutes (Word) (PDF)  

President's Report  (Word)  (PDF)

2012 Review Engagement Report by Secker, Ross and Perry  (PDF only) 

By-law Revision 2012 (Word) (PDF) 

Declarations (Word) (PDF) 

Risk Management Review (Word) (PDF) 

Strategic Plan (Word) (PDF) 

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